Big Weight Loss Company Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

Big Weight Loss Company Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

Is your weight stopping you from feeling happy?

Be honest with me here.

I want to know...

...are you even a little bit disappointed by the body that you see in the mirror? you ever wonder if your man looks at you the same way that he did the day you met him?

...have you worried about what the people you care about- your friends, your family- will think about you if your weight keeps going in the direction it's going in?

Let's be honest with each other here- your weight is a pretty big deal in your life.

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If you could just drop a few pounds, then a lot of awesome things will happen. You'll have more energy. Your friends will be amazed at how great you look at your age. Your man will be just as eager to show you off as he was back then.

Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I feel like you get this, which is why you're reading this article.

Now, there are a lot of weight loss "solutions" out there.

If you head over to Borders and look in the diet section, you will find enough books on the shelf to keep you busy for five lifetimes telling you to do everything from starve yourself to gorging on fats and protein.

If you do a Google search, you'll find thousands of "gurus" who claim that you can lose fat without actually doing anything.

There are even some corporations out there selling "pills" that you take once a day and- poof!- pounds come off... like magic.

Isn't that amazing!?

OK... back to reality.

These authors, gurus and corporations are brilliant at marketing, and they know that there are a lot of people who hope that there is a way to not change anything about their lifestyle and still lose all the weight that they want.

These brilliant marketers have discovered these cute little emotional hot-buttons that they can push and manipulate people into giving them money without actually helping them lose weight.

Sure, some fad diets will shed some weight for the first few weeks. In fact, this appearance of success is what these clever marketers bank on so that they aren't stampeded on by a mob of angry buyers.

Well, as weeks turn into months, the good ol' metabolism catches up and suddenly the weight loss stops. A little bit later, the fat begins to creep in again and by the end of the year, you're back to where you started.

In fact, you're in a worse situation because the diet you tried has nasty long-term health effects.

This is the sad tale of a poor soul who was manipulated by the marketers. Many dollars and precious time later, you haven't actually made any progress. Weight loss seems to be impossible, and all the pain and frustration that your body gives you is destined to be with you until the day you die...

...Or so it seems.

What the weight loss marketers don't tell you is that there is a way to lose weight without forking over a bunch of money to these guys.

Indeed, it's a solution that you can begin immediately and will allow you to not just lose weight, but keep it off. As a nice bonus, it makes you a much healthier person as well.

How is this done? Simple: take the holistic approach.

The holistic approach to weight loss is simple yet oh so powerful: make lifestyle changes that promote weight loss and and discourage weight gain.

Habits and practices are what drive your weight loss- not pain and suffering.

The holistic approach isn't just about changing your macro-nutrient ratio. It's about looking at every area of your life and making positive changes. We call this NEW START.

The holistic approach to weight loss calls for changing how you look at NUTRITION. It begins with asking the question: "what are the nutrients and chemicals that I'm putting into my body?"

The holistic approach to weight loss calls for changing the way you EXERCISE. This isn't about buying a 5 minute ab machine, but rather integrating physical exercise into your everyday life.

The holistic approach to weight loss calls for becoming conscious of the quantity and quality of WATER that you put into your body. After all, water is what your body is mostly made of.

The holistic approach to weight loss calls for filling your day with the natural radiance of SUNSHINE- not the cheap artificial light that fills modern society.

The holistic approach to weight loss calls for TEMPERANCE. Alcohol is loaded with calories and is processed metabolically than other substances.

The holistic approach to weight loss calls for fresh AIR. Instead of spending all of your time indoors filling your lungs with pollutants, spend as much outside where the fresh air will fill you with energy.

The holistic approach to weight loss calls for REST. When your body rests, the natural processes that keep your body running at full capacity are able to function at their best. If you don't adequately rest, then your body goes into "survival" mode, which leads to it inefficiently processing food and energy.

Finally the holistic approach to weight loss calls for TRUST in the divine. The laws of the universe are what they are, and if you trust the process to work itself out, it will. Stressing about what you can't control is the ultimate enemy of losing weight, and the only way to truly live without stress is to surrender yourself to the higher power at work.

When you adopt the holistic approach, consistently losing and keeping off weight becomes automatic. You no longer have to stress about your weight. You no longer have to be ashamed about the way you look in the mirror. You no longer have to be afraid of what your man thinks about the way you look.

Instead, you can allow the weight loss to happen. In fact, the only way it won't happen with the holistic approach is if you get in your own way.

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